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Different request...
Hi there,

Awesome selection of content on your site, great collection! However, the embedded SoundCloud player auto-playing the beginning of the same song over and over on every goddamned page is proving to be a real deal breaker for me. It's not even a horrible track or anything, I just never want to hear it again in my life.. especially the beginning lol. 

You've obviously put a lot of time and energy into making the site what it is, just seems incredibly silly to make it so f'n annoying by doing that.

I'd love to spend a lot more time digging through the site, but not interested in muting by browser/computer or installing add-ons to make it happen... Anyways, my intention isn't to be rude, just wanted to pass long the feedback as a courtesy. I'll probably still be back once in a while if I'm looking for something very specific though.

Cheers, hope things are well at your end!  Tongue
1 complaint from 1000000 plays aint bad

just mute your tab in your browser

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