Adam Van Baker
Analog Factory – Rotten Ghetto Attack
ASL SoundLab – Depths – Drum & Bass
ASL SoundLab – Dubstep Transformations
ASL SoundLab – Electro Hau5
ASL SoundLab – Hard Dubstep Bass Vol.1
ASL SoundLab – Hard Dubstep Bass Vol.2
ASL SoundLab – Substance
Atomik Tags
Black Octopus – Orgasmic Glitch Hop By Tantric Decks
Camel Audio – Biolabs Massive Retaliations
Camel Audio – Biolabs Massive Sounds Vol.1
CFA Sound Futured Episode 1-3
Corin Neff – Frozen Solid – Bank 1
Diginoiz – Electro Massive Soundset
DMS – Electro Soundset
DMS – Heavy Bass Soundset
Drew Spence
Drum n Bass & Dubstep
Dubstep MIschief 1
Dubstep MIschief 2
Dubstep Shock
Dubstep Vol.1
Dubstep Vol.2
Dubstep Vol.3
ElectroCrash – Liberatis Soundset
Emerge Audio – Harmony
Essential Freak Sound 7
Evokative Soundset
Evolution Energy Trance Vol.1
FE-1 Beats and Bytes
Filthy – Dubstep Vol.1
Filthy – Ultimate Filth Pack
Freaky Loops – Complextro and Dubstep
Freshly Squeezed Samples – Temple One Vol.1
Freshly Squeezed Samples – Temple One Vol.2
Future Loops – D-Bass Kontrol
Future Loops – Dubstep
Future Loops – Evokative
Future Loops – Metachemical
Gnome Disgustingly – Dirty Dubstep Vol.1
Gnome Disgustingly – Dirty Dubstep Vol.2
Hallways Of The Nephilim
Hy2rogen – Soundset Vol.1
Hy2rogen – Soundset Vol.2
I.S.R – Bass Monster
I.S.R – Dubstep
I.S.R – Massive Promo
Jewel Audio – Circle
JoJoGo – Pads and Textures Vol.1
KVR Audio
Loopmasters – Dirty
Loopmasters – Dom Kane House Synths
Loopmasters – High Rankin Dubstep
Loopmasters – Marco Scherer House FX
Loopmasters – Presents Dubstep Synths Vol.1
Loopmasters – Presents Dubstep Synths Vol.2
Loopmasters – Presents Dubstep Synths Vol.3
Loopmasters – Presents Electro Synths
Loopmasters – Re-Zone Swedish House Synths
Loopmasters – Untold Dubstep DnB
Mainroom Warehouse – Mainroom Club Sounds Vol.1
Mainroom Warehouse – Mainroom Club Sounds Vol.2
MassiveSynth – Pads
MassiveSynth – Waveforms
Molgli’s – Dirty Essentials Vol.1
Molgli’s – Twisted UK Hardcore Vol.2
Noisefactory – Big Room Themes Vol.1
Nucleus Soundlab – Databank One
Nucleus Soundlab – Databank Two
P5 Audio – Dirty Minded Dubstep
Patchworx – Meat Katie Tech Funk Vol.6
Plug In Guru – Power Pack Vol.1
Producer Loops – Loopstable Dubstep Blast! Vol.1
Push Button Bang – Dubstep Shock Massive Presets
Rankin Audio – High Rankin’s Filth Factory
Rankin Audio – Ultimate Dubstep Vol.2
Sample Station – Ultimate Massive Patches
Science Of Sound Vol.1
Sinevibes Critical Mass Vol.1
Sinevibes Critical Mass Vol.2
Skrillex and Datsik
SM101 – Massive Complextro Patches
SM101 – Massive Electro Patches
SM101 – Massive Mainroom Patches
SM101 – Massive Tech-House Patches
Sonic Drive Media – Dubstep Preset for Massive Vol 1
Sonic Drive Media – Dubstep Preset for Massive Vol 2
Sonic Mechanics – Reece and Lead
Sonic Mechanics – Wobbles
Soundbox – Filthy Peaktime Patches
Sounds To Sample – Complextro Bass Vol.2
Sounds To Sample – Ultimate Filth Pack Vol.2
Speedsound – Dubstep Climax
SPF Samplers – Dubstep
Standalone Music – Massive Soundset
Steez Patches
Stephan Jacobs – 2011 Massive Patches
Sunsine Audio – Dubstep Exciter
Supplemental Sounds – Ryan Enzed Vol.1
Supplemental Sounds – Ryan Enzed Vol.2
The Ultimate Dubstep DnB
These Are The Droids You Are Looking
Trance Euphoria – Uplifting Trance Anthems Vol.1
Uneek Sounds – Alien Keys
Uneek Sounds – Freaky Sequence
Uneek Sounds – Massive DubTek
Uneek Sounds – Massive Ejections
Uneek Sounds – Micro Patches Vol.1
Uneek Sounds – Underground Bass Vol.1
Vengeance – Dubstep Vol.1
Vengeance – Dubstep Vol.2
Vengeance – Dubstep Vol.3
Vengeance – Electro Soundset
Vengeance – Trance Soundset Vol.1
Xenos Soundworks – Blazing Club Sounds
Xenos Soundworks – Futurist Dubstep and DnB
Xenos Soundworks – Tweaked Out Techno
Xenos Soundworks – Videogame Mania
Zenhiser – Dubstep
Zenhiser – Progressive
Zenhiser – Psytrance
Zenhiser – Tech Chords